3-phase set-up

My 3-phase installation uses emontx 3 and 3x100A CT’s. My question is how do l set-up the correct process as an input to show the sum of the three phases? See the attached for my progress so far.


Show us a screenshot of your Inputs page so we can see what processes you already have.
Here’s a screenshot of mine:

I’m guessing by what you have there that you just have your 4 inputs with a simple “log to feed” process. All of the work is going to happen on that Inputs page so that’s where you need to be focused :slight_smile:

The majority of the “work” is done in my powerL3 input. Here’s the processes I use:

So that Logs L3 to an “Power-C” feed, then it adds the values of the “Power-A” and “Power-B” feeds (which have their own input processes as in the screenshot above) and then logs that to a “Total” feed (in my case called “W-TOU” for Watts - Time of Use" - I have another power feed that is not charged time of use so needed to differentiate)
I then take the total W-TOU and turn that into kWh and log that to another feed “kWh-TOU”

That should get you your total, you can get ever more complicated from there!

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I applied your recommendations and things are working fine, many thanks. I was just unable to complete power 4 according to your settings as l need to know which processes to assign to the process list:

Log to feed

Power to kWh


Log to feed

Power to kWh

As requested l have attached my Inputs page.

By the way, is there a doc that describes the applications for the various processes?


In my case, power4 is a 4th CT clamped around my controlled load power feed (unrelated to my 3-phase feed).

Assuming you only have 3 clamps, you’ll only have 3 power inputs and power 4 will always be 0, is that the case for you?