3 Phase and Pulse Counting

I’m setting up a monitoring rig to be installed on a 3 phase ground mount PV system.
The inverter & generation meter is 100 metres from the grid supply meter. So I envision an emonTx + ESP8266 wifi module at each meter location. The emonBase will be located metres away from the grid supply meter. The site has good wifi coverage.
So far so good until I discovered the 3 phase firmware does not allow for pulse counting so …

Question 1: Can the pulse counting logic be incorporated into the 3 phase firmware. If so - what to copy & paste & to where?

Assuming this is not possible then 2 emonTx’s will be necessary at each meter location. The second unit just to do pulse counting. Perhaps the Shop will supply 2 bare bones units – no case/fascias, RF module, battery box or CT sockets.

Question 2: would it be possible to use just one ESP8266 wifi module at each meter location? – the TX outputs from each emonTx being wired together & fed to just one ESP8266 wifi module? – or will the messages get ‘scrambled’?

Any help would be most welcome.

The processor is pretty busy with the 3-phase sketch, but you can certainly try adding the pulse counting logic. Basically you need anything with ‘pulse’ or ‘interrupt’ in the name or associated, there’s setting up the interrupts in setup( ), the ISR itself of course, and adding the pulse count to the outgoing message.
It wasn’t included in the sketch because at the time, pulse counting was not a standard feature in the single-phase sketches either.