2016 build emonpi flickers and acts strange when ethernet connected

I have 2 emopi. Both are Nov. 2016 builds. I had one in service for more than a year, but then I shut it down. Just 2 days ago I tried to revive the one I had in service. It boots fine, but when I connect the ethernet cable it flickers, the lcd becomes difficult to read, and my router gets hot. To me, these are indicators of a ground fault, a weak power supply, a bad ethernet cable, or a bad emonpi. I tried more than one cable with the same response. I also tried a 10W and a 12W power supply with the same response. I then tried my other emonpi and got the same response.

I have no idea how to proceed beyond reflashing the sd card, but i supect that wont solve the issue.

Hello @knorrena did you plug the ethernet cable into the right port? There are two RJ45 sockets on the emonPi, one is a temperature sensing input and the other is Ethernet. The Ethernet port is near the mini USB power cable connector.

Next to all the USB sockets and with the label Ethernet :grinning:. @knorrena, you would not be the first and will not the last so don’t feel too bad if that is the issue! Enjoy.


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Well thats embarrassing.

Wrong port was the problem.

Thanks folks.

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