20 minute time offset with inputs/feeds on emoncms.org


I have an emonTx3 direct wifi connected to emoncms.org. For some reason the inputs/feeds/graphs are all offset by around 20 minutes:


Please note that the feeds are updating every few seconds as expected, they just show the 20 minute offset.

Any ideas?

Server time is out of sync with your browser time.
Previously the page javascript would take care of that for you but changes on the tables views for feeds and inputs list from v9 code broke the automation.

Could be a queue issue @TrystanLea - BTW there is no link on emoncms.org to a support email address that I could see.

@markb email [email protected]

Thank you. It seems to have corrected itself overnight - or perhaps there was some intervention from someone :thinking:

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Yes, it looks like it has all cleared now.

Iā€™d suggest adding the support email address to the website @TrystanLea