10MB feed limit?

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(Frank Barcenas) #1

Is EMONCMS limiting all my feeds from collecting 10MB of data only?
It seems like all my feeds always have the same size.

(Paul) #2

Hi Frank

Not that we are aware of. Are you refering to the site, an emonSD/Pi/base or other self hosted emoncms?

Where are you seeing that info ?

The feed sizes displayed on the feed page only update when the “refresh feed size” (or is it “update size”?) button is used.

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(Frank Barcenas) #3

It’s a self hosted EMONCMS.

I see that info above the FEEDS. Like right next to the feed groupings.

(Paul) #4

And did you find a button to refresh the feed sizes? It’s either at the top or the very bottom (I can’t recall which right now)