10.1.6 Solar App Resizing and History Bars

I’m looking at upgrading from emonCMS 9.8 to 10.1.6. I noticed that the MySolar app doesn’t resize to fill a browser window quite as nicely as it used to. Is that intentional? On the left is the older version, on the right is 10.1.6.

Also the older version would show solar kWh exports to the grid under the x-axis (as negative bars). 10.1.6 doesn’t. Is this a work in progress? Or am I just not understanding the new visualization?

My solar app 10.1.6 is showing export as negative so there must be something different in your set up. Have you tried updating from admin? I would paste update log into a text file and check through it. Often if I have an issue the update log shows a problem in updating that I can then resolve.


I realized that when I set up the app in 10.1.6 I accidentally chose my “Net kWh” feed instead of my “Grid Import kWh” feed. Once I switched to the correct feed it works as expected.

I still wish the app resizing made better use of the horizontal space in a browser window.